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ABC Tissue – Earthcare tissue paper

ABC Tissue is the only locally owned major tissue company in Australasia. ABC has been in operation since 1985, developing proprietary brands for both retail and commercial customers.

ABC owns Australia's most advanced hi-tech paper mill, located in Sydney. ABC also owns their own paper recycling and de-inking plant in Brisbane.

ABC New Zealand is a locally owned and managed company that has operated in this country since 1998. ABC convert, manufacture and distribute product from their factory in Wiri, Auckland, as well as having a distribution centre in the South Island.

ABC are passionate about the sustainability of the forests and ecosystems that supply them with the initial raw materials for their products. In particular, they source post-consumer waste paper for the manufacture of their environmental brands.

They have their own mill where de-inking and recycling takes place. Their processing is chlorine-free, enabling them to recycle virtually all mill waste water, and any solid waste material is recycled as soil conditioner. ABC tissue is manufactured to have the fastest breakdown possible.

Through these actions, they are able to save around 550,000 trees per annum, 105,000 barrels of oil, 1.3 billion litres of water and 1.72 million kilowatt hours of electricity. In addition, they save 42,000 tonnes of waste paper from going into landfills, where each tonne would have taken a cubic metre of space and emitted the equivalent of four tonnes of greenhouse gases.1
ABC have been awarded the Enviromark Gold Certification.

1. 1. Return to Sender - An introduction to Extended Producer Responsibility. John Gertsakis, Nicola Morelli, Chris Ryan - National Centre for Design at RMIT.

Gracefield Paper

Gracefield paper was formed in 1994 in Wellington, and was purchased by The Paper Reclaim Group in 1995. Over the next three years Gracefield grew rapidly and became well established through out the North Island.

The Gracefield Head Office is based in Auckland and is combined with a distribution facility. A contract distribution operation is now established in Christchurch. In 1999 Gracefield moved into the Group owned site at Mahunga Drive. Gracefield has recently been purchased by Cottonsoft Paper, combining the retail and commercial brands into a successful team.

Gracefield has recently secured the agency for Asian Pulp & Paper one of the ten largest paper producers in the world. Their range has opened the doors to several new industries and has lifted the image in quality for Gracefield. This range of paper is expected to increase sales across all markets in New Zealand and increase Gracefields exposure to the market.

Gracefield paper sources all their virgin paper products through suppliers who only use sustainable resources.

Their newly introduced range of Earth Smart paper products are made from 100% Post Consumer waste, is completely sustainable and no forest based pulp is used in the manufacturing.

































































































Gracefield Paper/Cottonsoft and ABC Tissue, suppliers to Insinc Products of toilet paper, toilet rolls, jumbo toilet rolls, interleaf toilet tissue