Toilet Rolls 2ply 300sh 12pk - Fresh

Toilet Rolls 2ply 300sh 12pk - Fresh
Every skin loves FRESH. It’s free of ink, dye, fragrances and stray contaminants that could irritate your skin. Made only from the highest quality pulp, sourced from plantation forests, FRESH is soft and smooth, even while it’s two-ply strong. Choose FRESH, your skin will thank you.

Fresh toilet rolls are 2ply with 300sheets per roll.

Polybag of 48 rolls (12packs of 4rolls)

Fresh Tissue Products uses resources approved by one of the world's largest forest certification systems for sustainable forest management.

Their marks of approval are your guarantee that by buying our products you are helping to protect forests for future generations and promoting the responsible sourcing of timber resources worldwide. Furthermore, we do that extra bit for the environment by operating our own paper recycling plant in Brisbane.

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NZ$ 38.04 including GST
48 rolls
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