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 TOILET PAPER....... What is your preference?

Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what they like. Be it 1ply, 2ply or the luxury of 3ply we all have our favourites! 

An interesting party question .... do you scrunch or fold your toilet paper? We thought it would be fun to find out which is the most popular way to use your toilet paper. If you are interested please go to our poll to place your vote and see for yourself which is the most fashionable! 

We developed this website to make buying toilet paper in bulk easy. Save money and have it delivered directly to your door.

Research has shown us that over 2000 (approximately) people in New Zealand are searching for toilet paper on Google. We hope to be able to supply what you are looking for ..... and if you can't find it on this website, then just ask - we are always happy to try and help.

This website focuses solely on toilet paper so to view our full range of products go to www.insincproducts.co.nz or for a specialised website on soap and hand sanitiser please visit www.handsanitiser.co.nz For our Environmentally Friendly range check out www.environmentallyfriendly.co.nz. If you are looking for hospitality supplies our Cafe Supplies website has a full range of disposable containers, detergents, cups etc  www.cafesupplies.co.nz. Rubbish bags are at www.rubbishbags.co.nz and gloves are available through www.disposablegloves.co.nz




Coastal toilet rolls


2ply, 400sh, premium paper

Carton 48 rolls individually wrapped

$39.69 + GST per carton 48 rolls BUY NOW















































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